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At a young age we're taught that "happily ever after" cannot begin until Prince Charming rides up on his steed, sweeps us off our glass slipper-shod feet and whisks us off into the sunset. I like fairytale endings as much as the next person—but I'd like to believe finding Prince Charming isn't a prerequisite to happiness. This blog is my way of celebrating the happily ever after in the here and now.

The 30 Before 30 Project

The 30 Before 30 Project was born out of that helpless, hapless, life-is-slipping-through-my-fingers feeling that hits most people as they approach the age of 30. Rather than waiting for 30 to come around and thereafter sink into depression over how the years have passed me by, I thought, why not meet 30 head on by making sure that I'd accomplished 30 things that I've always wanted to do before my 30th birthday? On May 21, 2011, I hit THE BIG 3-0 with a bang! This blog chronicles how my list of "30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30" made my journey to this often dreaded milestone a truly epic time in my life.

Cel in the City

Once upon a time, I was a fashion editor who lived and breathed fashion. I have since realized that there are more fun things to do with couple grand that drop it on an "it bag".  At my blog on, I write about my post fashion addiction life in the Big Bad Apple and what it's like to occasionally take a romp through my old fashion stomping grounds now that I have a different perspective on life. Truth be told, I'm amazed that a fashion magazine is letting me blab on like this but I hope y'all enjoy it!

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