Friday, August 29, 2008

Bootie Call

After 2 years of wearing knee high boots, I think I'm over them. All I want to wear this fall are booties! It was a bit hard finding the perfect one, though. Too many booties look like they belong on an elf or in a Victorian time-warp. I want booties that are modern, detailed and chic, and it took several clicks to find them! The ultimate covetable booties (which I cannot afford and will never own) are these Christian Louboutin, which retail for $1195. I love the higher boot, and the buckle details are to die. They look both chica and bad-ass. Let's pause for a moment of silence and reflect on its sheer gorgeousness ...

If someone could knock that off, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

On the more realistic level, I found these Ash "Ursula" booties on the Bloomies site. Again, I like how it's a bit higher and hugs the ankle—added support is great when walking Manhattan's streets! The details give it character: the buttons, that fold, and versatile taupe color. The $229 price tag is not bad either!Another cute and extremely cheap option are these booties by Abaete for Payless. At $45, it's almost a crime not to buy them. Abaete turned out a fabulous high boot for Payless last year that had Conde Nast editors hoarding. This pleated little "bootine" is another bootie-licious steal!

Contemplating Fall

I don't know if it's the gloomy weather or the fact that there's subzero temps at my desk, but my mind has been on my Fall wardrobe all morning. I love New York street fashion during the fall. People look so good in their tights, boots, scarves, sweaters, and their light coats that are still more about looking chic than keeping warm.

I am hoping to wear less black and more color this season. H&M has some lovely coats in berry (on Daria Werbowy, bottom) and in beige (on Du Juan, top) that are superrrr affordable so I might just get both!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labor Day Sale: Calypso St. Barth

Life is playing a really cruel joke on me right now. Seriously. Calypso is having a Labor Day Sale too, and if you buy 2 sale items, you get the second one for 50% off. And I have been dying to buy another Julia dress. But I can't because I didn't budget for a dress this month! Mika got me this dress in green last year and I love it ... love it so much that I want 5 different colors. It is so sexy and easy to wear, and the shantung is just lovely. Why, God, why???

Labor Day Sales

Why??? Why must every freakin store have a sale when I have already pledged my salary to two weeks of gluttony and debauchery?

At Eluxury, lots of fun stuff on are on sale. There's a Goldenbleu foldover clutch (below, top left) in blue to wear with all your LBDs a la LC (too many abbreviations?). Only $299 down from $500. Next, a very Upper East Side Tod's Boomerang Pochette (below, center left). With so many of my friends deciding to tie the knot these days, it might be time to invest in a "wedding" bag that goes with every single cocktail dress and gown I own. Then there's this gorge Maison Martin Margiela envelope clutch (below, center left) in iridescent leather for $449. So much character! It would look super cool dressed up for a posh dinner at the Modern or dressed down for a night of dancing in Billyburg. I LOVE the Gryson Baladyne bag (right) in all its fabulously distressed leather glory. I've been hunting for a big black everyday bag for eons and this is a really great one. I wonder if the price can go down any more from $585.00, since it was originally $975. I really want it ... there's a Marc Jacobs patchwork stam bag also on sale but since that's been ripped off and counterfeited to infinity, I'd much prefer this Gryson.
Bloomies is killing me with all these cute gold bags that I can use for work and travel. I should really quit it with the gold bags and maybe get some silver or pewter instead, but I can't help it. I keep seeing such pretty ones! The Jill Stuart bag on the left is cuter up close, with python embossed leather and is now a hundred bucks cheaper at $300. The Botkier St. Tropez Vacation tote in the middle is pretty fab too and its price has gone down to $393.75 from $525. The Rebecca Minkoff Steady Satchel on the right is a great alternative to the LV Speedy that's used by everyone and their mother (and their yaya, if it's a Canal Street/Greenhills version). It's now just $506.25, down from $675.

Please God, don't let me see any more sales ... I don't think I can handle this torture ...

Vavavoom! Bebe strikes!

I'm not a huge fan of Bebe, to be honest. To date, I've only purchased 2 things from that store: a belt and a trench from the Tara Subkoff line (which is a-ma-zing). I usually find their stuff overpriced, considering the quality isn't exactly 5 notches higher than say H&M or Forever 21. But they have captured my undivided attention with this $98 Herve Leger-esque dress:

It's a, um, reworking of the dress that Posh wore to the Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 show. You know, like after she wore it Intermix's website crashed from the buying frenzy that ensued:
I am still pining for this beautiful Herve Leger which is JUST $1350 at Saks. I mean rent is such a frivolous expense. Who needs it when I could LIVE in this dress!
Herve Leger's contrast banding is just deadly sexy. If I ever get to the point where I need therapy (Everyone seems to need it in the US, so I figure it's something airborne that I'll catch sooner or later. I kid!), I'll forego the shrink fees and get an Herve Leger instead. It's not possible to have low self-esteem when you have that on. But until then, Bebe will have to do. If there is anything left in my bank account after our dinner at The London on Friday, maybe I'll plunk down the cash for this. Gotta have something to wear for the Nobu/clubbing extravaganza when Tamara comes into town next week!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Turning Japanese: Soba Totto

Was suffering today from one of these icky hangovers that can only be cured by good food. Thank God my NY guests and bestest friends in the world Sonu and Johan plus Sonu's bro Ram were willing to oblige my cravings. I took a shot in the dark and brought them to Soba Totto, which is just a few blocks away from the UN. Thank god the gamble paid off with gustatory rewards!

Soba Totto is owned by Ryuichi Munekata, the same guy who gave Manhattan Yakitori Totto, Aburiya Kinnosuke and Yakitori Tory’s (The signage outside, in fact, says Yakitori Totto for some reason, so don't let that confuse you). The star at Soba Totto is of course, the soba--buckwheat noodles made fresh everyday and cooked to al dente perfection. The interiors are very sleek but also intimate. We were lucky to be given a small private room for four.

I chose the cold noodles after reading numerous reviews recommending them. Since I did want something warm to fill my still-marinated-in-vodka stomach, I ordered cold soba noodles accompanied by a cup of piping hot dipping broth, which was swimming with yummy duck slivers, green onions, herbs and mushroom. It was perfect. The cold soba was perfectly chewy and so refreshing, while the broth was full of flavor. At the end of my meal, I was given a cup of the water that the buckwheat noodles had been cooked in. It is sipped like a tea and is thought to be very good for one's health. I just took it to ease some of the vodka off my stomach lining!

Sonu ordered hot tempura soba, which had a heap of tempura shrimp, eel and squash on the side and a generous serving of hot soba. By the time she had demolished the tempura, she was pretty full and could barely touch her soba (Ram gladly took care of that).
Johan and Ram decided to forego the soba, choosing a Yakitori Bowl and Chicken Teriyaki instead. No complaints, just enthusiastic chowing. Sonu picked a limeade type of drink which came in a funky bottle. You had to push this pin into the cap, then it opened with a pop and a marble fell into the drink. We asked if the marble did anything other than make the drink fizzy for 5 seconds, but it doesn't really serve a purpose. Just more Japanese kawai at work here.

It was pretty good stuff for a reasonable price. It's not a restaurant I would eat at all the time, but it's a good place to go to if you want something a tad more special for lunch. All the meals are priced between $12 to $20, and you have the option to get a full meal including appetizers and a pickle (What this special pickle tastes like, I'd like to find out. Why a pickle?). I would definitely come back and try more items on the menu.

Where: Soba Totto at 211 East 43rd Street, Midtown. Tel. (212) 557-8200

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lovin Grays

As Fall slowly starts rolling in, so do the requisite grays in our wardrobes. At a forecasting class in Fashion Institute of Technology our professor told us to expect gray to be a constant in collections for the next few years. The fashion world, usually seemingly out of touch with reality, is feeling the same uncertainty the rest of the world is. We don't know what's going to happen next with the economy or world peace. Thus the grays. Gray is a metaphor for being neither here nor there. Somewhere in between black and white.

But enough serious talk. All I really wanted to do was share some really cool gray tees I found on the Victoria's Secret site. I love 'em, but I don't understand why they're so pricey! Call me cheap (I am) but I don't understand why a ribbed shirt should ever cost more than $20--maybe $35 tops! I have a great silk blouse from VS that I got for about $45. THAT I understand. It's silk. But cotton? Freakin cotton? Uh-uh.

That said I might make an exception for this shirt below because it is so darn adorable! This gray ribbed & ruffled tunic is priced at $68, but it is so cute I might get it anyway. I'll get it maybe 1 or 2 sizes bigger so I can wear it as a dress instead of a top. With black tights and little booties, it would look so cute! And a $68 dress sounds way more reasonable than a $68 tee, no?

This ruched cardigan tee has a more pocket friendly price at $32. It's really cute! (Try not to let the heart print scarf or the ginormous boobies distract you) I love the ruching on the bottom because I hate frumpy looking cardies. I somehow look really, well, lumpy when I wear a cardie over a slinky top. So maybe the solution is to just not wear anything underneath. Thus, the cardie tee rocks. This last top is just classy, I think. It is a jersey knit with pleated details around the neckline. It's priced at $48, which is a bit easier to swallow because of the details and fabric used. I love how it looks so comfortable but put together, as well. This would look great with one of my pencil skirts for work, but look equally slouchy cool with a pair of shorts or skinny black jeans (or do I have to go back to bells now? Is that what the jean gods have decreed? That's another story.)

Goin low low low low ...

Was never that into the Olsens, but lil MK got me into a Googling frenzy when I saw this old pic:

I love the chic simplicity of it all. I've never seen a white v-neck tee look so glam! I'd love to be out in a posh event reveling in the utter comfort of a plain white tee a la MK. Anyhoo, that pic sent me on Google overdrive to find a low low low low V-neck tee.
I first stumbled on what I feel is a ridiculously overpriced tee. The Lna deep v-neck tee, seen here on The Hills' LC, costs a whopping $59 (at Fifty-nine freakin dollars for a plain white tee??? I think that's a little silly. White tees, after all, have a short lifespan. They'll turn yellow or fall apart from constant washing, no matter what. So it's kinda silly I think to spend that much money ...

The Butterface on this pic is wearing the Unisex sheer jersey deep V-neck by American Apparel (I had to cut her head off cos her "me-love-you-long-time" expression was freakin me out). I like the use of sheer jersey, the scandalously low V, plus the fact that the shirt comes in a $52 3-pack.

On the supah low end, Old Navy sells its Perfect Fit V-necks for $6 each (when you buy 2). I have the long sleeved version and use it all the time so I'd spring for this tee even without seeing lil miss MK.

In this round-up, American Apparel wins out. It approximates the bastos superlow plunge I am looking for (not that people say bastos things when you have mosquito bites for boobies, but I can dream).

UPDATE: I got my bastos shirt! I got it in black though so I still want a white one. I found it at Express for $10! I wore it last night with a mini and a long gold chain necklace with a pendant. A necklace with a weighty pendant, I realized, is essential to this look because it is what keeps the V-neck in place so that I don't show off my bra every 10 seconds. The V on my shirt was actually a tad lower than on this photo (does not having boobs have anything to do with that?). I still want a white one ...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Got the blues ...

Since I laid eyes on Micheal Kors' blue python envelope clutch (and subsequently failed to buy it thinking I could get further discounts at ... Sigh ...), I've been wanting a clutch in this color. Well thank God, I apparently wasn't the only one because there are quite a few beautiful blue clutches to choose from this season. At, there is a gor-geous blue python bag by Korean designer Sang-A (above, top). The price, however, is a staggering $1,675.00 (insert jaw drop here). So however gorgeous it may be, that's waaaaay out of my league. Now Club Monaco has a pretty gorge version too (above, center), but prices it at $139, which I still feel is too much. Club Monaco, c'mon now, who do you think you are? But it gets better! Forever 21 has it's own version for the ridiculously low price of $18.80 (above, bottom). This picture doesn't do it justice because when I saw my friend Tanya carrying it, I thought it was the Club Monaco one. It's really cute!

I'm in a quandary on whether to go with quality or price ... To resolve it, I'll have to go to Club Monaco and check out if their version is genuine leather, at least. If it's synthetic (which Forever 21's definitely is), then duh, of course I'll take el cheapo. But if it's leather ... hmm ... factors like staying power will have to be discussed. A navy clutch though, is an evergreen fashion item, I think. It goes with jeans, which people never stop wearing. So it's definitely worth buying one. But buying a pricey one? Seriously, the last Club Monaco clutch I bought (just two months ago) was only $80--how'd it go up to $139?! Needs further thought ...

UPDATE: OMG found another cuuuute bag on the Forever 21 website that further complicates things. Although because of its size, I suppose it doesn't really fall into the same category as the clutches ... Anyway, its got very Chanel-esque quilting and a chain strap, and its size is considerable at 11 in. by 17 in. And it's only $32.80! Fun fun fun ...

Introducing: Glam God

So I just finished watching the first episode of Glam God, VH1's newest reality show. It is the most straighforward one yet--no bisexuals, midgets, strippers and such (but a drag queen, yes, they have do one). There are 12 stylists vying to be the ultimate Glam God to the stars. Something like that. As long as it doesn't get in the way of my Gossip Girl sessions, I can totally watch it. I have a lot of respect for stylists. It takes someone with a strong and cohesive point of view but also some daring to throw in that exciting little touch that takes an outfit to a whole other level. In my past life, I was a fashion editor, but I never considered myself a stylist. I just don't have that kinda talent!

So the show looks like it could be interesting. There are some real characters in there, like this Hawaiian kid Indashio who came in wearing grills and going, "Yo, yo, yo!" endlessly to the other contestants--including, quite hilariously, the lone brotha Christopher Manor who fancies being posh and looked like he wanted to reply with, "I beg your pardon?" Then there's this guy with an accent (possibly Brazilian?) Handry, who in one of the episodes collapses into tears and talks about how he once just had $10 in his pocket and instead of buying food, he bought fabric. Strange but endearing. Oh and Handry loves saying, "Ferosh", which I guess means he reads a lot (um, I do too, obviously). My only question is ... why in freakin' Martin Margiela hell is Vivica Fox the host?!?! What does she have to do with hot celebrity style? I understand that they don't have much of a budget yet but getting Nicole Richie to host could not be that much more money, could it? If this takes off, they better make it up by getting Posh to host. Unless they already hit the official reality show British accent quota. They have that British US Weekly editor already, and you know you can't have more than one person with a British accent on a reality show ... unless you're the Osbournes, that is ...

One last Summer fling with Brights

I've been wanting to swathe my toes in sunny weather brights all summer long, but somehow couldn't figure out what color I wanted to use! I spied a chic hot pink on my friend Ludette, who was sweet enough to give me a bottle. This morning, I woke up and thought it was time to seize the day (fall being a tad in the air and certainly just around the corner) ... but for some reason, it doesn't quite look as good on my feet! Maybe it's because Ludette has tan, long, grown-up looking feet, while mine are quite pale and look like a child's. I fear I kinda look like a kid who snuck into Mum's closet and played dress up ...

So back to the drawing board ... and then, an epiphany! What about magenta? Bright enough for summer but the shades of purple segue nicely into fall. I Googled madly until I found this shade suggested by
Made by my all-time favorite polish co. Essie, this shade is called Bermuda Shorts and sells for $7. I LOVE IT. Now the next challenge is actually finding the shade in one of the 20 Duane Reades within a 1-mile radius ...

UPDATE: Just as I thought, it was impossible to find Bermuda Shorts! I hit up 4 Duane Reades and a couple of them were just completely wiped out of Essie polish, nevermind this particular shade. I had almost given up when the polish gods smiled down on me. At the location on Lexington Ave between E. 61st and 62nd Sts, I found the perfect polish from Essie's fall collection: Big Spender. It is a tad darker than Bermuda Shorts, and the perfect color to take my tootsies from Summer to Fall. From the first flourish on my big toe, I knew this was "the one." It's a shade that goes with everything without being painfully boring. And it just takes one coat to deliver a rich pop of color. A top coat is necessary, however, to bring a bit of shine and for the color to last. Nothing makes me happier than a successful shopping expedition!

How to be Sexy Squeaky Clean

12 midnight on a Saturday night and where was I? On my hands and knees brushing the grout in my shower with a toothbrush. Not the sexiest thing to do on a Saturday but that's what happens when OCD strikes without warning ...

But if I must be stuck scrubbing grout on a Saturday night, there's comfort in the fact that cleaning products are looking sexier by the day. Everytime I'm faced with a major cleaning sitch, I deal by buying a sexy lil something that'll make me feel better about getting down and dirty. The last time my drain got clogged, I hunted down pink Casabella cleaning gloves (not too easy when you have hands the size of an 11-year-old's). When my bathroom last got a tad too mildew-ey, I got me a bottle of Method Tub n' Tile cleaner plus flushable wipes (the flushable wipes are amazing). I love Method products and hope to completely switch over to them by next year. They're priced about a dollar more than regular products but are perhaps the only cleaning prods around that are both environment- and style-friendly. I love the packaging, first and foremost, but I also totally adore the scents they use: french vanilla, ylang ylang, grapefruit, ginger yuzu ... mmm mmm mmm! Plus it's nice to use products that aren't killing you slowly with their fumes ...

All that love professed, I'm still having a hard time getting weaned off the granny panties equivalent of cleaning prods: my boring but oh-so-reliable Tilex. Sigh. Somehow, Method's ylang ylang scented shower spray does not do it for me the way Tilex's bleached clean scent does. It's not easy being sexy ...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Goin' Lomo

I have loooong been intrigued by Lomo cameras, but am still quite intimidated about buying one. I'm no photographer after all and have zero understanding of apertures and all that fancy stuff. But the über hipster Urban Outfitters website got me thinking when I viewed the entries for its Urban Nomad Lomo Contest. I love taking pictures as much as the next chinky eyed Asian, but it gets a little tiring to look at the same faces with now very practiced Facebook-ready angles just pretty much cut and pasted onto various settings. So ... I'm thinking maybe I should go Lomo?

I'm infinitely intimidated by the idea still though ... I truly have no idea what I'm getting myself into. I just think Lomo pics look cool, that's about it ...

Oh and of course, I know that I wanna Lomo because I found a Lomo cam on Amazon in the color scheme I've been dying for:

So yeah, the idea is to use that pile of gold fabulousness to take pictures like this:

Ideally. I wonder if I'll manage. I think I'll take the leap and do it while there's still gorgeous NYC summer light and fun stuff to take pictures of. If it flops, well at least I only spent $29.95. And there's still my trusty iPhone ...
To find affordable lomo cams visit

Fun Finds for the Day: Urban Outfitters office supplies

The (not so hidden) dork in me has always adored supplies. As a wee little girl with an apple-cut bob, I loved going to National Bookstore and buying colored pens and brightly covered notebooks. As a working adult, I still love digging around Staples (and um, the office supplies closet at work) for color-coordinated files, Post-Its and labels to make my personal hellhole a bit more heavenly.
So I was overjoyed to see some uber cute and kitschy supplies on the Urban Outfitters website. Those allergic to mundane electonics will love these cute finds.
Check out this adoooorable sushi 1GB flash drive priced at $50. The price is steep, I know so I wouldn't buy it for myself, but would love it if my colleagues chipped in to get me one *hint hint*
It would be awesome to have one of these babies by my side: a retro USB standfan for a mere $15. (Update: I saw the real thing in the Urban Outfitters store, and it's a tad too big for my taste. Just a shade smaller, skinnier and dainty would've been just perfect.)

This next one is TOO. FREAKIN. CUTE. I really want one, especially since Mika is soon off on one of his long travels and it would be nice to see each other while we Skype. This is THE most adorable webcam I've ever seen. Unfortunately for MAC-heads, it is only PC compatible (niner niner niiiiiner ... ). I've never felt so fortunate to still be PC-bound! This Retro Web Cam will set you back $35. Worth it I think!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fave New and Shiny Toy for the Day:

I have a new toy!

After chowing and boozing down my entire salary a few weeks ago, I realized that maybe I should make a real effort to cook and eat more at home. My ever reliable recipes are quite limited though, and even I am getting tired of my oft-referred to "crack spaghetti sauce" (it's that good, I swear!). So on my downtime, I troll the Internet for quick and easy recipes to fill up my tummy on weeknights. But it's been a little annoying to try to keep recipes from various sources together for easy use. I cut and paste most of them onto Word files, but it is a little demotivating to read from these sad looking pages.

Well today I found the answer to my conundrum! Tastebook is a web service that allows you to collate your favorite recipes onto an online recipe book. It's super adorable! You can pick a cover, put in your own title, and all that fun stuff. Best of all, you have the option of having your recipe book printed for just $19.95! I think that it is a great way for mothers to pass on recipes to their kids, for friends to share each other's no-fail dishes. And it would make such a great gift! Most of all, it satisfies severely OCD people like me with the beautiful formats and tabs. Can't wait to fill up my book and have it on my kitchen countertop!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gossip Girl Anytime, Anywhere!

I am beside myself with excitement that Gossip Girl is gonna be back on air in about 2 weeks! The racy ads have got conservatives' panties all up in a twist, but I personally love 'em!

GG is the one show that I will give up a night out for, and it annoys me to no end when I miss an episode. So my ears perked up when my co-worker Ludette mentioned this contraption called a Slingbox. What it does is allow you to watch the cable TV that you have at home at another location using the Internet. So you can watch, say, Gossip Girl, on your laptop or mobile phone whether you're stuck at the office or in Timbuktu (they have WiFi there, no?). For those of us who are here in the US but have family in another country, we can hook up our loved ones so they can watch American TV (which let's face it, just rocks!) from their hemispheres. Another cool feature of this thing is, you can also hook it up to your TiVo and DVD player. So you can watch shows you've recorded or a DVD you've popped in even away from home! UH-MA-ZING. There are no monthly fees; you just need to purchase a Slingbox, which costs anywhere from $129.99 to $229.99. I'd get it ... maybe after I remember to upgrade my cable ... heehee ...

Click here for more info.

Phelps Mania

I was wondering why people suddenly stopped moving in the middle of Times Square. They were watching Micheal Phelps win his 7th gold.

Friday, August 15, 2008

On the Hunt for a Point-and-Shoot

I've been digicam-free since New Year's Eve, when I tragically discovered that I had broken the LCD of my Canon a few hours before the clock struck 12. It's not so bad when I'm around the Filipino crew because everyone seems to carry a camera and take 5 pictures per minute. But the kodakan gene runs in the Filipino blood, and I am now starting to feel that I MUST get a new one! My Belgian friend Celine has an adorable gold and black digicam that I tried in vain to find a replica of. Tough luck. That exact combo is now non-existent, it seems, so I will have to settle for gold with silver details. My choices so far from the B&H website:

Nikon Coolpix S210 with 8 megapixels, 3x optical zoom for $159.95

Canon Powershot SD1100, also 8 megapixels and 3x optical zoom for $209.95

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150, 8.1 megapixels, 5x zoom wide angle Carl Zeiss lens at $249.99

The Nikon is the most economical and aesthetically pleasing choice. I love that it is a skinny b*tch, and the reviews on it are good. The Canon isn't as pretty as the other two, but I've always liked pictures taken on a Canon camera. I had a Cyber-shot for a long time and would sadly look at the much more vibrant pics taken by Canons. BUT I think that this particular Cyber-shot is in a league of it's own. First of all, it's rocking Carl Zeiss lenses! And according to reviews, this little baby can take good pictures of fireworks, which really got my attention because too many cool fireworks displays have passed me by as I helplessly tried to capture them on my camera, to no avail. However, the Cyber-shot is $100 more expensive than the adorable Nikon ... I'm so torn between the two. Do I pick style over substance? What to do? What to do?

To Go or Not To Go?

Black Pochette Showdown: MK vs. MJ

Since I'm not even close to coughing up the cash for the most "affordable" purse Chanel has to offer ...

Shiny wrinkled fabric flap bag by Chanel ($1295)

I'll have to settle for one of these two purses currently on sale online. On the left we have a Michael Kors bag in sumptuous python ringing in at $598 (discounted from $1495 at On the right, a Marc Jacobs pochette in patchwork patent leather. It's $658 with an additional 40% off until August 19, bringing the total down to $394.80 (discounted from $1095 at I never thought I would say this, but I think I'm going to pick Michael Kors over Marc Jacobs, despite the higher price tag. The black python is just so much more luxurious and classy. It's something that I don't think I'll outgrow--unlike the MJ bag which is already kind of looking dated. The hardware on the MK bag is also so much more polished. The chain is so pretty I'd wear it as a necklace if it were detachable! Yes, I think the Michael Kors bag will have to do until I get the courage up to buy a bag that's almost the price same as rent ...

More MoMa Love: Alissia Melka Teichroew glasses

I love!!!!!!! What a cute cocktail party I could have with all these glasses by Alissia Melka Teichroew from the MoMa Store ... Champagne and martini glasses are $65 for a set of two, while the liqueur glasses are $55 for a pair. I'll have to build up my collection slooooowly but they're totally worth it!

Love at First Light: Tord Boontje

I am in love. There I was, innocently browsing the MoMa Store website when I chanced upon THIS. This gorgeous floral shade is by Dutch designer Tord Boontje. A photographic process typically employed to make electronic components was used to create intricate patterns of cascading flowers and leaves on brass. Boontje infuses his work with romance that typifies the 17th and 18th centuries, but the result is a piece that is truly modern and innovative.

Priced at $80, it is not quite a steal--but it is a worthy investment, I think. It's a piece of art and is just timeless. It would look so ethereal in a room with a predominantly white palette. Imagine it hanging over an Eero Saarinen table (or try the IKEA knock-off?). It would look amazing! I would prefer this to those Noguchi paper lanterns that I sometimes fear could be fire hazards.

Although, I must admit, this light fixture might not be too man-friendly for those who cohabitate. I say it's another reason to seek out a metrosexual. Someday, garland floral shade, we will build a home together ...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The New IKEA Catalog is out!

It's a happy happy day when a new IKEA catalog comes out! I spent my lunch hour poring over the 2009 catalog, which is now available online.

I get such pleasure from just looking at the amazing layouts in the catalog. It always motivates me to start cleaning up my act, and gives me hope that maybe I too can have a fabulously decorated apartment without having to apply for a loan.

Some things I want from the 2009 catalog:

This gorgeous Le Creuset-esque cast iron pot to finally make this recipe for braised short ribs that I've been holding on to. I was browsing for Le Creuset french ovens (below, right) last night, and got so enamored that I began justifying the $124.99 pricetag. I'd never need to buy another pot for the rest of my life since they're so darn indestructible! Plus I won't have to worry about storage because they're so darn pretty that I can just display them. This morning, I was a bit more lucid and started checking out Martha Stewart cast-iron pots from Macy's (below, left) , which are verrrry similar to Le Creuset plus are currently on sale for $59.99. Then I ran into IKEA's version, the Senior casserole (above), which just knocks out the competition at $39.99! I still want the Le Creuset but maybe I'll wait until I have more kitchen space (and maybe a family to feed?) before getting one. The thing is, Martha is totally tempting me with that cheery red color. If IKEA doesn't have it in red, I may have to go for Martha. I can already imagine having matching salt and pepper mills, and maybe a colander. Too cute!

I've also been dying for a smaller and thinner dining table because the apartment is soooo tiny and the furniture that's already in it is massive! My apartment came furnished but hopefully my landlord won't mind my changing the dining table since he knows it's falling apart. IKEA has so many great space-saving solutions. They have a bunch of drop-leaf tables that take up very little space but can be extended to seat larger parties. My favorites:

I love the little storage compartments on the Norden gateleg table. But it looks like it's about the same size as my current table, so I probably won't go with this one. Plus I'm not too keen on the birch color. The Bjursta dining table may be the winner, I think. It's nice and narrow, and comes in a sleek brown-black color. Check out how it morphs:

Love it! Now all I need are a couple of stools that can be tucked under the table when not in use ... I really like the Nordmyra stools photographed with the Norden table, because those can even be stacked. But again, I want it in a darker color ... do I dare start painting? Maybe not. In any case, I am happy that I've found some of the things I've been looking for. Me love you long time IKEA ...
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