Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

Merry Christmas! How was yours?

We had such a fun night at Christmas Eve dinner with my family! This year instead of buying presents for everyone in our rapidly growing clan, we decided to do Secret Santa plus an intentional White Elephant. The White Elephant had us in tears with laughter when ridiculous gifts like boobs stress balls and a poo log were unwrapped. It was even more hysterical to see that how many family members actually wanted that poo log! I made out with chocolate covered potato chips from the White Elephant (what some find disgusting, I find delicious!) and got just what I wanted from my Secret Santa (watch out for that post at 30 Before 30). Lots of laughter, bourbon-spiked eggnog, turkey, beef Wellington, wine and loads of love made for one of the best Christmases ever.

I fell in love with the Christmas cupcakes brought by my brother's family. Trophy Cupcakes is apparently number one in Seattle and I can see why.   
Cute cupcakes are easy to find, but these are pretty delicious as well. The cake is moist and the buttercream frosting just yummy. We Manhattanites think our cupcakes are unbeatable, but we've got to watch out for Seattle!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!

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