Monday, January 31, 2011

got lunch? by kickshaw cookery

Some people have a problem with drunk dialing. Me? I have a problem with hunger-pang-induced texting. The absence of food in my fridge tends to screw with my judgment so I'm prone to harassing friends, neighbors and generally anyone who makes the mistake of responding to my whining on Facebook on weekends and during snowstorms to placate my voracious appetite with brunch and coffee (why I haven't thought of funneling that energy into Seamlessweb orders, I'm not really sure either).

On those desperate mornings, I wish I was in on Kickshaw Cookery's Got Lunch? program. The brainchild of New Yorkers Pilar Valdes (by way of Manila) and Binh Ly (who is of Chinese-Vietnamese descent), the program is inspired by CSAs or community supported agriculture groups that bundle up resources to purchase a "share" from a local farmer. With this "share", members of the CSA get the benefit of receiving deliveries of newly harvested, in-season produce every week or every other week.

As with a CSA, one can get a membership to Kickshaw Cookery and get deliveries of delicious gourmet lunches twice a week for a month. For $140 for the Winter season, you get a total of 10 meals, which will be delivered to you on Mondays and Thursdays. How would you like to have a box containing cider and juniper brined porkchop with sauteed collards and radishes plus roasted jewel yams just show up at your door?
Like a CSA delivery, you won't know what you're going to get until you pop that box open. Kickshaw Cookery uses whatever's freshest and in season. I would not be opposed to getting surprised with a meal like this:
If you're not as big a fan of surprises as I am, you can get an inkling of what may show up for lunch by checking out their sample menus here. If you fall in love with Kickshaw Cookery's food and decide you want to take this relationship to another level, you can tap them for your catering needs, whether it's for an intimate dinner or a party for 120.
The Winter season for Got Lunch? begins on February 7, 2011 and ends March 10, 2011. To get a membership, click here. Enjoy!


Martin Valdes said...

I distinctly recall this particular meal (the pork chop). It's a strange feeling eating a delicately charred piece of perfect pork at the work area, while everybody else is chowing down on deli sandwiches and 5 dollar Kung Pao chicken (nothing wrong with either of course). Sort of like God talking to the inventor of the Hoover vacuum cleaner and noting, "You made that? Not bad. I created the Universe. In seven days. Oh my bad. Six days. I rested on the seventh."

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

Oh Martin, your brain must be a fascinating place to wander around in! This has got to be one of the best comments I've ever gotten on this blog.

Incidentally, I've been craving this pork chop. ALL. FREAKIN. DAY.

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