Tuesday, September 13, 2011

designer for less: missoni for target

It took superhuman self-control but I managed to clear out of the Target website with just two things: the sleeveless shift dress on the left below and those cute printed shorts on the right.

My shipment arrives sometime next week so I'll let you all know what the real deal looks like. The website keeps going down but I had a few precious minutes of good luck at around 1:30pm today. As of that time, there were still a good amount of shift dresses, shorts, skirts and bags. The hoodie above is still haunting me but I decided I don't need to be in head to toe zig zag, do I? The adorable Missoni bike is all but a memory but there are still iPhone cases, homeware and luggage all ready to wreck your budget ...

If you're able to get on, make sure to shop as quickly as possible as the website is still pretty shaky! Good luck!

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