Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the best unagi

Behind these doors lie the best unagi in the world.

This seemingly nondescript restaurant in Akasaka has been standing in this spot for almost a century, serving up the best unagi in the city. Even their pet fishies know how to eat. Apparently, the eel are kept alive until somebody orders unagi. So while they were making our unagi from scratch, they kept us busy with some delicious chicken yakitori. They make a mean chicken yakitori, this place. The outer crust is coated in sweet, delicious yakitori sauce, and the meat inside is incredibly tender, juicy and drenched in flavor. The chicken served in Japan is so fresh ... I can almost say that it barely resembles the roided up chicken that we get here in the US—oops I did say it. Afterward, a hot broth with the eel's liver. And finally, the piece de resistance, the unagi. The meat was so fresh that the texture was smooth and silky. There was no trace of fishiness in the taste, just delicious, flaky meat. Oh my stomach's growling just thinking about it.

Apparently, this restaurant delivers and when they do, the unagi comes in the same black lacquered containers, which they then pick up from your home after. Pretty cool stuff. Seriously the best unagi I've ever had. I may never be able to eat those microwaveable types I used to buy from the Japanese store. I'm ruined, yet again! But it was worth it.

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