Monday, November 16, 2009

the japanese kimono

I've had a fascination for kimonos since reading Memoirs of a Geisha years ago. It boggles my mind how expensive a well-made silk kimono from Kyoto can be. Our friend Mikki wouldn't say exactly how much a kimono costs but revealed that a high quality silk obi can cost over $80,000. Can you imagine that??? I can't.

Anyhow, the main reason that we went to Tokyo was to attend the wedding of our friends Masa and Yuki. We weren't present at the actual ceremony but went to the wedding reception where all of their friends were invited. Yuki hails from Kyoto so her kimono was gorgeous of course.

Isn't she just breathtaking? I swear, I'm really starting to think that Western brides get the short end of the stick after seeing what Indian and Japanese brides get to wear!

A few nights after the wedding, I had a conversation with our other friend Murayama Yuka, about kimonos. I was just raving about how beautiful I think kimonos are and how amazing the workmanship is. The next day, we were hanging out at their house when Yuka came to me holding a yukata (a casual cotton summer kimono) that she wore when she was in her twenties. She said that she couldn't wear it anymore because the style was too youthful, so she wanted to give it to ... ME!!! Oh my god, I was so happy, I had to restrain myself from jumping up and down. Yuka showed me how to put it on and thankfully gave me printed instructions because I think I was so giddy that I didn't really absorb any information.

How did I fare as a wannabe Japanese yukata-wearing twenty-something?

Ok dearies, that's about all I can muster up today. Just got back into New York on a ridiculously long series of flights at 6:45AM and am gonna try to squeeze in a short nap before I head to work. More updates soon I promise! I missed you all!


joylet said...

hooray for the new post! i love the bow ! :) ang tibay mo, you're going back to work na agad???

The Chiconomist Celine said...

hahaha sabi mo kase eh! i know right, i wonder how i'm going to recreate the bow??

omigod i actually did go to work! but i super feel like i'm floating na so i'm heading home now ... reality bites!

cd said...

Cel! You look so cute! Bagay!

The Chiconomist Celine said...

haha thanks! guess i know what i'll be for halloween 2010! :-)

Sonu said...

You look beautiful cel :-) Betcha Mika's heart was racing when he saw you!
You mentioned on FB that you were also gifted an outfit from a famous author...did you try it on yet...if you're planning to, pics please!!

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