Saturday, June 05, 2010

belmont stakes 2010

I can be pretty clueless about the mechanics and quite frankly am a tiny bit scared of horses, but I do love going to horse races! It's a great excuse to get decked out and drink all day. And of course, it's a total thrill to see those thoroughbreds thunder down the track.

Today I joined Zoe for the second year in a row at the Belmont Stakes. I was smiling from ear to ear because I FINALLY did not choke while putting together a horse-event outfit. I wore a straw fedora that I got from the Brooklyn Flea last year, a polka-dotted sundress from H&M, and my sparkly new sandals from Zara.

My fedora could not hold a candle to Zoe's fabulous feathered hat, which was born and gussied up in London:

What I love the most about Belmont Stakes (and horse races, in general) is the people-watching. I loved the total look this woman had, from the old-fashioned cloche to her little black gloves. That's dedication to a look, if I've ever seen it, because it was steaming hot at the Belmont race track today and you'd have to pay me to put on any more clothing.

It was pretty hot under my straw fedora and I found myself at some point wishing I'd thought about just pinning a gigantic flower to my hair like this girl. She looked very chic despite the lack of a hat, and I'm sure she felt much cooler than all of us.

We also ran into some total characters down by the paddock. You gotta love how they went for it. This couple was in matching bright green outfits, and the guy is wearing a coat and hat studded with pins. Clearly, they are total Belmont Stakes fans. 

I did not make out with any winnings this year. We all put our money on Ice Box, who ended up eating Drosselmeyer's dust. Oh well. It was still a wonderful afternoon of drinking Jameson-crans on the sly and whooping it up for some truly majestic animals.

Next up: polo at Governor's Island! Another great excuse to hunt down a summer straw hat ... 

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous again, Cel!

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