Thursday, June 24, 2010

brooklyn boulders

Just scored an amazing deal on Living Social! Today's deal is a one-month membership to Brooklyn Boulders for just $49. It's so timely that this deal came up because I was just thinking that I wanted to take some rock-climbing and bouldering classes. I've been spending my nights researching for my upcoming road trip in the Grand Canyon and surrounding National Parks with Kate, and it's mind-boggling to see how many beautiful sights are just out there waiting to be seen ... if you know how to rock-climb, rappel and boulder!!! One of the places I'm dying to see is the Subway at Zion National Park, but I'm not entirely sure that we're capable of doing this because I don't have a lot of hiking or bouldering experience. And I have to say, I hate it when I can't do something that I really want to do!!! So just as I was thinking about adding rock-climbing to my to-do list ... Living Social goes and reads my mind! This is such a great deal: one month membership including all-day gear rental PLUS a month's worth of yoga classes. I mean, SERIOUSLY? How great of a deal is that for just $49! I just had to snap it up. You can avail of this membership until December 24, 2010. I plan on starting up the membership when the weather's cooler and I'm done with marathon training. It'll be great to have a cool activity like this that's indoors once the Fall and Winter come around. Plus, these puny arms of mine really, truly need to get whipped into shape!

I have to say, I love how these mass-buying sites have been giving me great options for half-priced workouts. Last Saturday I used my S-Factor Groupon, and tomorrow and on Tuesday I'll be using my New York Pole Dancing Groupon. I still have 4 boxing lessons in the pipeline, and now I've added rock-climbing to the list! You gotta love these great deals—clearly I do! To get in on this awesome deal, click here. And for more information on Brooklyn Boulders, visit their website.

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