Saturday, June 19, 2010

butter by nadia online sample sale!

Have you heard about Butter by Nadia? I think these dresses are the most genius ideas on the planet! Most of them can be worn in a multitude of different, sexy ways. I don't know why I still don't own one! Well, okay, it's really because they're not all that cheap (the price for a dress hovers around $250) and I'm a little intimidated by the "one size fits all" thing. I'd love to get this dress on the left, for instance, but the length might hit mid-calf for me since I am not exactly supermodel-sized.

But non-munchkins should definitely check out the online sample sale going on until June 21st at the Butter by Nadia website! There are some great deals, like this signature dress on the left now at just $125. The versatile jersey ball gown is just $155, and there's a bunch of very cute dresses as low as $65. Check it out here.

Happy Saturday everyone!


Traci said...

I totally have one of those dresses, and I think they are great!

Joni Andrea said...

Wow, they do have nice dresses! :)

I love reading your 30 under 30 blog! I'm inspired to make my own haha.

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

Traci - I think I need to try them on so I'll know once and for all if they fit me!

Joni - aren't they so nice?! Aww thanks so much for reading 30 Before 30 (which is getting more attention from me these days, sadly ... I need to learn how to balance!). I totally recommend making your own!!!

Xean said...

I love the dress, its simple yet elegant and has a sweet tone. Really nice.

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