Tuesday, March 01, 2011

cel vs. food: arthur's 24-oz steak

Arthur's Tavern, you sneaky sonofab*tch. You hit me in my weak spot. I had a firm strategy in place when I was perusing the menu: Order a glass of cabernet sauvignon to go with the 24-ounce steak. No beer—no need to fill precious real estate with carbonation. I was good to go until the beer ordered by Ico was set down on the table ... Can you guess what happened from the series of images below?
Yup, I got a severe case of beer envy. I couldn't concentrate on our group's conversation and I couldn't enjoy my puny glass of wine. My eyes just kept going back to that magnificent stein of beer. Finally my friends took pity on me. Phil relieved me of my cabernet and I got my very own gigantic glass of Sam Adams. I was very pleased.

But then my steak came and I knew I was in trouble.
That humongous slab of meat was sinfully good. My steak was cooked a perfect shade of rosy medium rare and marbled with enough fat to make my heart twitch. I put up a valiant effort and ate two thirds of the steak before I threw in the towel. I chose to finish the beer instead ... cos you can't doggie bag beer.

The next time I come to Arthur's, maybe I'll try to reign in my gluttony and split a steak with someone so I can dig into the other uber-rich items on the menu. Like this cheese-swathed onion soup ...
... and this garlic bread that's "just like yaya made."
Or maybe I'll be better prepared to take down that steak AND the beer at the same time. I hate losing. At just $23.95 for an all-meat 24-ouncer, I can keep coming back until I get my revenge. You may have beat me this time, Arthur's, but I shall return.

It's not the prettiest of places but for great value for money and shamelessly large portions, I give this place:

Arthur's Tavern is located at 237 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Tel. 201-656-5009


Tisha said...

My family loves Arthur's! Parang every time I'm in NY/get back from NY, my relatives ask me if I ate at Arthur's. Haha. Sadly, I've never been.:(

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

You really must have it Tish! YUM!

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