Wednesday, October 28, 2009

blond and bobbed

My friend Ludette tells me to just say no to bobs because therein lies the danger of ending up with soccer mom hair. But how can I not think about it when even Scarlett Johansson is rocking a sexy tousled blond bob on the Mango fall campaign?

Add to that Marie Claire's proclamation of the bob as the Ultimate Winter Haircut. I guess if it's longish like this, it could work for me. But that would entail a lot of time with my flat iron every morning.

Fluffy, cotton candy-esque hair seems to be all the rage these days. These shots are meant to show the versatility of the long bob.

Wonder if it would look as good with black hair ... Thoughts?


The Coastal Chicster said...

i love it. especially the longer bob. the bangs make it though. gotta have the bangs. :) my hair is getting crazy long, and i've been daydreaming about a shorter haircut, too!

The Chiconomist Celine said...

I think the blond long bob with bangs would be amazing in a coastal town so you should go for it! All that salt water in the air should make for great texture!

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