Saturday, October 17, 2009

random thoughts on a freezing saturday

I felt like I was on a rollercoaster for the last three weeks. There were some massive ups and downs in my personal life, work was non-stop and frenetic, and partying was almost at fever pitch. I alternated between exhiliration and exhaustion on a daily basis. Today Mika left for the US Open, and I had my first free Saturday in awhile. I decided I needed a full day of doing nothing just to regroup. I only stepped out to grab a coffee and a pizza slice, but pretty much just vegged out and watched practically every show I'd recorded on my DVR. It was good ...

Now I'm catching up on my favorite blogs and leisurely browsing the Internet. I'd forgotten how wonderful aimless Internet use can be! So forgive me if today's blog post is a bit random. It's my day off ...

Random thought #1: I love this picture of Olivia Palermo by The Sartorialist. I haven't watched enough of The City to dislike her. I just find her incredibly striking, and this picture makes me want to put on a blazer and poufy little skirt. And extend my legs drastically.

Random thought #2: Is anybody else bothered by this Fendi skunk fur bag? I'm terribly disturbed by it. If I saw this on someone's arm, I might just freak out and throw something at her. I do like fur, but skunk fur?? Pepe le pew. And you want me to pay a little under 2 grand for that? You. Have. GOT. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

Random thought #3: A sweater coat like this one from Anthropologie would be so awesome for my wardrobe. Cozy but tailored and chic. Love.

Mmmm ... that's about it for now. I gotta go to bed before my craving for bacon and garlic rice drags me to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Good night dearies, hope you had a cozy Saturday like I did!


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