Monday, October 26, 2009

under my trench coat

Getting your nails done in a new color is such an underrated pleasure. I bought a new nail polish this week: Under My Trench Coat from Sephora by OPI. Despite having two Sephora's within walking distance of my workplace, I rarely wander in there. But I did one night this week and became completely obsessed with this nail color. Been wanting to veer away from my fuchsias and reds, and go for a more putty-like neutral. This is perfect.

I just adore the grayish/khaki-ish hue with light gold shimmer on top. And this is seriously one of the easiest polishes ever to apply. I did all my fingers and toes in one go, with nary a mistake. I feel like my nails look quite professionally done even though I just did it from my bathroom.

Next up on my list: a dark and mysterious nail color. I'm thinking Dark Room, also from Sephora by OPI. Simple pleasures.

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