Friday, October 23, 2009

get that warm and fuzzy feeling

After a few days of almost summery weather,the winter chill is descending on Manhattan today. I got my wool winter coats from the cleaners today and received the new down coat I ordered yesterday. I guess you could say I'm over the denial and anger stages, and have now come to accept that it's winter again.

If there's one thing keeping my spirits up despite the plummeting temps, it's the idea of cozying up in a beautiful glamorous fur. This fox fur jacket by Pologeorgis at Saks is super cute and only $500.

Ok fine, for me and my rapidly rising credit card bill, "only" and "$500" don't really belong in one sentence together. But if you've got better finances than me, you gotta admit this is a good price for a fur. And here's a great deal to motivate you: from today, October 23 through Sunday, November 1, Saks on Fifth Avenue in New York will give you 25% off a woman's or men's coat, fur, or men's suit if you donate a gently worn coat or men's suit to One Warm Coat, an organization that has donated over a million coats to people in need. For more information, call 212.753.4000 or visit The Fur Salon on Two Women's Outerwear on Four Men's Suits and Outerwear on Six and Seven.

Talk about getting that warm and fuzzy feeling!


Sonu said...

Celine this coat is soooo you!! I am also in a similar case of not wanting to recognise my current visa balance, but girl, for $375 (after you donate a it's worth it!

Normally I'd never encourage you....(who am I kidding, I am probably the biggest enabler on the PLANET)....but that is a rocking price for an investment piece!

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Sonu!!! I miss you, we haven't talked in ages. Miss you being my official enabler too, hahaha :-) But honey, I just charged a flight to Asia on my visa so I really think I have to restrain myself (like literally handcuff myself to my desk) from this purchase ...

But shite, it really is cute!!! WAAAAAAAAH :-(

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