Sunday, May 09, 2010

balenciaga lust

I haven't lusted over a bag in awhile. I haven't really shopped in a long time either. I've got my mind (and money) focused on other things these days, like trips, adventures, and yummy things to fill my belly with. But today, a bag did make me stop and salivate: the Balenciaga City Classic Craquele, exclusively done for Neiman Marcus. It's really the bois de rose color that I fell in love with. The material is suede with a metallic finish. It is LOVE.

The damage: $1,395. *sigh*

That money can buy me a ticket to Ibiza, a skydive + photo and video, and dinner at Per Se, so I guess I'm not owning this bag ... ever. My rule for how much I can spend on a bag is this: If I can't even get myself to pay that amount for one month of rent, I am certainly not spending it on a bag. Reasonable, right?

So I will just appreciate this bag for the beautiful specimen of calf leather that it is, and move on with my day. Thank you for indulging me.

In bag love and lust,


2 Hounds Design said...

Good thing you didn't walk around the shop with it in your arms...much harder to leave it and move on!

BTW, it IS pretty pretty!

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

Good thing there isn't a Neiman Marcus in New York City or there goes rent and groceries money for June!

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