Friday, May 07, 2010

shepard fairey

I don't buy magazines that much anymore, but today I felt compelled to buy Time Out New York, both for the gorgeous cover art and the promise of having my next three months planned out for me. The cover art is by Shepard Fairey, the rock star urban artist who seems to always be in trouble with the law. He is best known for creating that contentious "HOPE" poster of Barack Obama. He seems to be everywhere these days, also appearing in Interview magazine, where he was actually interviewed by his long-time hero (and  subject), Iggy Pop. I'm bummed that I completely missed his May Day exhibit in New York. See the amazing pictures here. His style is distinctive and I like that he's got the balls to make his ideology known. It sucks for him though that he isn't anonymous like Banksy because he has to bear the brunt of the backlash.

I've been admiring his art since 2006 when I first saw his work. My friend Joel and I stood in line for four hours in the freezing November cold to see the urban art inside 11 Spring Street in Nolita before it was powerhosed and covered up in drywall, then made into the multimillion dollar condo that stands there today. That was an unforgettable experience that I treasure to this day. This article about 11 Spring Street in the New York Times still makes me nostalgic for what that building once was. Since that day, I've dreamt of owning a massive Shepard Fairey print. Here's what we saw inside 11 Spring Street:

He apparently also has a clothing line, Obey Clothing (OBEY being his tagline). I'm thinking of getting either this "Hope for Rwanda" t-shirt or a shirt benefitting Haiti.

And one of these days, I will order this print.

Ok enough time spent in front of the computer for today. It's a beautiful day in New York but I have to rest up and recover from my cold so I can run the Newport 10K tomorrow. Hopefully I don't tempt pneumonia in the process of working towards one of my 30 Before 30 goals. Have a great sniffle-free weekend!

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Kaye said...

Very cool artwork

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