Sunday, May 16, 2010

brooklyn pub crawl

Don't you just love that feeling when a day ends up nothing like you think it will? I was kind of floating around yesterday, after a bit too much beer and not enough sleep on Friday, but there were all sorts of things on the Saturday agenda, so I just kept trucking on. Kate and I had our third aerial silks class, which is a little funnier (in my mind, at least) when you're brain dead. Afterwards, we had coffee, helped another friend Céline move into her new Chelsea pad (woot woot!), then trekked over to Brooklyn for an afternoon pub crawl. We took the A and a shuttle, thanks to the usual Saturday MTR madness, to get to Carroll Gardens and made a beeline for the first pub with outdoor seating that we saw. Downtown Bar & Grill was what it was called. Though service was ridiculously slow, they did have a great beer selection and pretty yummy bar food. I had the fish and chips with their recommended beer: Julius Echter Hefe-Weiss, which was a surprisingly light and refreshing dark wheat beer. 

The fish and chips were pretty good, especially when doused in vinegar, but I got tired of all the fried stuff pretty quickly. Thank god Kate and April were there to help me out. Afterwards, we rendezvoused with another group and headed for Camp. We had a hysterical time playing Jenga using a set that people had scribbled silly and dirty tasks on. The idea is that you have to do the task on the Jenga tile that you pull out. For instance:


Then I looked at the corner behind the April and said, "Oh ... " We erupted into giggles when they saw what I was pointing at.

We ended up just doing the more innocuous things like "Hug a stranger" and "Kiss the cutest person in group." Oh, and "Buy everyone in the group a drink." I got that one, which resulted in this:

I thought it was hysterical that we all got much better at Jenga after two rounds of shots.

I just loved how I found myself having an awesome time surrounded by very cool people that I met  in random circumstances. That's what I love the most about New York ... you're constantly finding yourself wondering, "How did I end up here?" and just flabbergasted by all the fun people you come into contact with. 

Oh, one more thing: I'm seriously seduced by Brooklyn and its chill vibe. Mark my words, I'm gonna be a Brooklynite in the not too far future!

Downtown Bar & Grill is located at 160 Court Street, corner of Amity Street, Brookyln, NY 11201.
Camp is located at 179 Smith Street between Warren and Wyckoff Streets, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

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Kaye said...

I never really liked Jenga, but that would make it way more interesting!

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