Monday, May 03, 2010

get your groupon: 4 boxing lessons for $48

Groupon always seems to be reading my mind. It's starting to be kind of creepy, actually. Last Saturday, while watching Floyd Mayweather dismantle Shane Mosley, I started thinking about taking some boxing lessons. I'm not a particularly violent person, though like every other Filipino I'm enthralled with boxing. I want to take lessons because I really want to strengthen my upper body and thought this could be a good way to do it (in addition to my sporadic aerial silk acrobatics lessons). Well, lo and behold, just as I was entertaining the idea, look what the side deal is on Groupon today: $48 for four 60-minute individualized boxing lessons at Mendez Boxing on W 26th Street! Normally, this deal is valued at $100. I just got the Groupon and I'm pretty excited to take a class. Bring on the pain!

If you'd like to get in on this Groupon, click here.  

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