Thursday, August 12, 2010

cel vs. steak

I like having throwdowns with food. Partly because they're already dead and unable to fight back, but largely because I just really, really like to eat. And I like to win. I usually win when I go at it with massive glasses of beer and obscene quantities of steak. Take this 24-ounce bone-in rib steak at Quality Meats. Didn't stand a chance.

The annihilation is in part due to my recently raging appetite from marathon training. All that running plus my weekly pole dancing classes have put my metabolism on overdrive. Imagine my shock when I weighed myself not too long after this obscenely decadent meal and found that I weighed a mere 98 pounds?! Ok to be fair, my weigh in was two days after completing the Queens Half Marathon on one of the hottest days of July, so I was probably still dehydrated and lost a lot of water weight. But seeing that number made me a lot less worried about my tendency to inhale food.

Our meal at Quality Meats was definitely one for the books. We started with several pans of rosemary- and salt-flavored brioche, while some of our other friends indulged further with bone marrow ($9) and scallops ($18) starters. The general consensus was that the free brioche buns were fantastic and while the highly anticipated roasted bone marrow was just so-so.

Since we were a party of maybe 18 (my memory's hazy from all the cholesterol), you can imagine it took forever for our main courses to come out. The kitchen must've had a hell of a time getting the timing of the service of that many steaks just right. It didn't help that Dante and Anaizza ordered this dinosaur-sized 64-ounce double rib steak for two ($55 per person). That completely threw the timing off. But just look at that beauty. Can you blame them?

When our steaks finally came, they were accompanied by some very delicious friends. The corn creme brulee ($11.50) and the pan roasted crispy potatoes ($9.50) were particularly delicious. The corn creme brulee and I got very chummy indeed because I failed to notice that Phil kept dishing spoonfuls of it on my plate when I was looking. They say I pretty much single-handedly wiped out one dish. In addition to obliterating my steak.

I'm not a total freak of nature though because I pretty much did not involve myself in dessert. I took a few swipes of Mia's fruity sherbet but could not find any more space for Jammy and Sancho's pint of Cookie Monster. The truth is, I'm not really much of a sweet tooth. I could easily do without chocolate, but a good slab of meat will make my mouth water in less than a second.

I think it's pretty clear though. In the fight Cel vs. steak, it's Cel for the win by KO.

Stay tuned for more food fights as crazy marathon training (and as a happy consequence, eating) continues!

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