Thursday, August 19, 2010

on blackboard eats: mermaid oyster bar

While we're on the topic of being out of it, how did I miss the existence of Blackboard Eats? It wasn't until Kathryn suggested we try Mermaid Oyster Bar so we could use the 30% off coupon she scored through it that I even heard of Blackboard Eats.

Me: So how did you get the 30% off coupon?
Kathryn: Blackboard Eats.
Me: Did you have to buy something?
Kathryn: No. I just signed up. And then if they feature a restaurant you're interested in trying, you can get a coupon.

Wha?! How did I miss a website that gives away 30% off coupons for ... well nothing?! Groupon does restaurant discounts too, but you usually have to make, say a $30 purchase that'll be worth $50 when you go to the restaurant. I don't like numbers so that's too much thinking for me. I'd rather do the Blackboard Eats way.

So this is how I ended up at Mermaid Oyster Bar on a Wednesday evening standing in front of two hostesses who could see me but refused to acknowledge my existence for about 2 minutes until I called their attention. Not a good first impression, particularly since I used to hostess myself and always made it a point to speak to a waiting customer before doing anything else. Other than that glitch, everything else was pretty okay. We started with a pitcher of sangria ($32 for a pitcher) at the bar, which was nice and refreshing for a humid summer evening. Our bartender didn't hear our order correctly and gave us a glass each, so we had to call her back and say, "Uhhh, we need a lot more alcohol than that!" It took a little while for us to get seated because we gave up our table to sit at the bar, only to realize that the Blackboard Eats discount's only applicable if we're seated in the dining area. So if you're a coupon holder, take note, it's not accepted at the bar!

Once we were seated and our orders were in front of us, we were quite pleased. I had the yummy fish tacos with cabbage, pico de gallo and crema ($18). Nice and fresh, the perfect thing to eat on a humid day.

Kathryn had the fried oyster po'boys with pico de gallo, remoulade and addictive bay fries. I had part of her sandwich and thought it was pretty good though I will always prefer my oysters raw and batter free.

A complimentary chocolate dessert was much appreciated, and the miracle fish a very cute touch. If you've never seen them, you're supposed to put the fish on the palm of your hand and its movement will indicate your romantic state—which could be anything from passionate to fickle to just dead. I think mine went from dead to indifferent, so I guess it's pretty accurate!
If you're already in possession of Blackboard Eats' 30% off coupon and have yet to use it, you'll be pleased to know that the promo's been extended to September 12. Again, please note that you'll have to be seated in the dining room (not the bar) to avail of your discount. If like me, you have never heard of Blackboard Eats, take this opportunity to get a clue.

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