Sunday, November 28, 2010

harajuku girl goes to santacon

Last year at Santacon, I was floored by a) how hundreds of pub crawlers willingly get to pubs before noon fully decked out in Santa and holiday-themed outfits, and b) the creativity some people can muster up on top of all that to make their outfits stand out. As I stared slack-jawed at the amazing array of Santas on display in Washington Square Park, I swore that I would not come in a half-baked costume when Santacon 2010 rolled around. Last year, I saw a NASCAR Santa, Elvis Santa, Tiger (Woods) Santa and a rather traumatizing Tranny Santa. So I thought this creative Santacon outfit would be a good fit for me: Santa's Harajuku Helper.
You can see how the two looks intersect right? Petticoats, high socks, fur, bright colors, headgear ... I'm thinking get a standard sl*tty Santa outfit then jazz it up with a bright wig, striped socks and Chucks, and I'm good to go! Now if only I could find the time and energy to shop for all of the components ... 

On another note, it's slightly disturbing how many truly kinky holiday outfits are out there. Have you ever tried to do a search on Amazon for "Santa outfits for women" or "Santa's helper costumes." It's fascinating to see what you'll find. I just wanna know, who wears these things?! And honest question: Are strip clubs open on Christmas Eve, and if they are, do dancers get decked out for the holidays? I can't imagine who else would like her bells to be jingled.

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