Friday, November 19, 2010

lanvin ♥ h&m

I hope you've dusted off your boxing gloves because it is sure to be UTTER MADNESS tomorrow when H&M releases it's highly anticipated collaboration with Lanvin. I'm glad I'm on a shopping hiatus because I like my eyes in their sockets, thankyouverymuch, and I'm not willing to risk decapitation for one of those beautiful one-shoulder dresses.

I was trying my best to ignore the whole thing because I do so love Lanvin, and the fact that Alber decided to throw us a bone and do a collab with H&M does tug at my heartstrings. But with six more months and numerous trips and adventures to embark on for 30 Before 30, I just don't have money to spare. This morning though, Metro NY (yes, I am cheap and therefore only read free "newspapers") flung a full page Lanvin ♥ H&M ad in my face so I gave in to curiosity and finally checked out the collection.
If money (and holding on to my eyeballs) wasn't an issue, I would splurge on these gorgeous dresses. They don't exactly come cheap at $199. While the design is fiercely Lanvin, I somehow doubt that the quality would be so amazing as to warrant that pricetag. I could be wrong though. It's up to you, H&M to put some dresses in my hand to prove me wrong. Just saying.
The only things from this collection that I may allow myself to have should they miraculously be available when I wander into H&M one of these days are the shirt and skirt below ($49 and $59 respectively). That skirt is so beautiful and is something one could get more use of than a highly memorable dress.
What are you gunning for? To see the full lookbook with prices, click here.

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