Sunday, November 28, 2010

let's talk, steve jobs

Is there something you've been wanting to say to Mr. Jobs? Say, "It's nice that I can buy Beatles on iTunes but I wouldn't call that life-changing." Or, "Why would you tease us with a video cam on one version of Nano and then take it away on the next?" And, "Why in god's name can't I get an iPhone insured against loss? Don't you make enough money off all of us buying the damn thing already? Can't you at least help protect us against thieves?!" Ok maybe that last one's just me.

My point is, there's a website now where Appleheads can gather their thoughts on what they want from Apple's products. is a forum for avid users to express what they want to see in the next iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other Apple products. It was created in the hope that if users band together and collectively raise their ideas, Mr. Jobs will hear them. So if you've got some brilliant thoughts brewing in your mind, visit the website and add your voice to the mob. Added bonus: submitting a request automatically enters you in a contest to get a shiny new 6th Gen iPod Nano! The wonderful toy goes to the brilliant request that gets 1,000 hits and an average rating of 3.5. Click here for more info.

And in case my eloquent post still leaves you unclear on what this website is all about, check out their cool ad below:

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