Saturday, November 13, 2010

may's place

One of the reasons why The Chiconomist has been so neglected these past few months is quite simple: the purse strings have been really tight! The 30 Before 30 Project is fun and all but it is pretty costly, so aside from putting in ridiculous amounts of overtime work, I've totally held back on shopping and try to keep pricey dinners to a minimum. Which is why I really appreciated being introduced to this great deal of a sushi place in St. Mark's Place.

My friends Coco and JM turned me on to May's Place, a little spot that sells sushi at 50% with a $15 minimum. Since I am not a huge fan of crazy complicated rolls, I ordered the chirashi—an assortment of sashimi over rice plus a side order of miso soup for $19.95. 
Chirashi is one of my favorite things to order because I like having my sashimi as unadorned as possible, and I like being able to control how much rice I have my fish with. The problem is that chirashi is often pricey because of all the fish you get. Also, the restaurant should serve high quality fish because otherwise you end up with a crappy meal. I was extremely pleased with the chirashi I was served at May's Place. The fish was extremely fresh—the hamachi, in particular, was so tender and flavorful. At half price, this came to just about $10, which is an amazing deal.

I was very tempted to order the intriguing looking rolls but I am glad I stuck to my guns. My friends loved their rolls but I was complely satisfied with my chirashi. I highly recommend this place for a quick and cheap dinner!
May's Place is located at 121 2nd Avenue between 7th Street and St. Mark's Place, New York, NY 10003

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