Tuesday, November 23, 2010

living the spa life

Over the summer, I got to relive my beauty editor days to do a spa feature for Lifestyle Asia Travel. Oh those were the days, when workday "appointments" meant sampling this spa's four-hand massage and that brand's luxurious facials. Working on this article made me briefly rethink my decision to give up that pampered life to take on Manhattan ... but at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade the independence and never-ending surprises that come with my current life in New York for anything.

That said, it was pretty sweet to try out The Carlyle Sense Spa's $500 signature treatment, which comes with a luxurious facial using Sisley products and a soothing hand and foot massage.
The Surrey's Mala Mayi treatment ($300) was also a glorious treat for my then running-weary body.
If you're in the Philippines, this article and numerous other blissful reads appear in Lifestyle Asia Travel's October/November 2010 Spa & Resort issue. Grab a copy while they're still on the newsstands!

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