Monday, December 29, 2008

back from europe!

My last stint exploring Europe in 2003 as a starving student must have left a mark on my psyche because this time around, I felt compelled to make up for lost time by eating and drinking up a storm. Some unfortunate victims of my voracious appetite include:

1. An unwitting wild boar from the sweeping hills of Chianti that ended up entangled in my pappardelle

2. Rudolph and perhaps Prancer, when I gorged on reindeer twice while in Helsinki

3. An elk served up in the style of an opulent Russian feast at a restaurant in Helsinki

4. Rainbow trout roe that for a moment made me feel like the evil fish that ate Nemo's siblings ... but once I bit into the scrumptious concoction of toast, smetana, caviar and onions, I lost all sympathy. No decent picture of this dish, unfortunately, but the explosive taste is etched in my mind and will cause countless cravings for months to come.

More musings of Europe to follow. For now I've to buckle down and finish up this website I'm working on as I am starting 2009 with a fresh new job at another division! Later bellas!

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