Monday, April 19, 2010

china fun

Funny how I lived three blocks away from China Fun in the Upper East Side for almost two years and never ate there. Now that I'm about four train stops away from it, I found myself scarfing their dumplings twice in three days! When you're craving Chinese food and you're living in the culinary wasteland that is the upper 90s of Manhattan, that's just what happens, I guess.

Last Friday, we had our farewell dinner for Gaea at China Fun because she was craving Peking Duck. The highlights of the meal were the fantastic crispy seabass ($20.95), delicious Japanese mayo-slathered shrimps ($19.95), and the sinfully scrumptious Peking Duck ($32), which we ordered two of. Yes, we are shameless.

This morning, I woke up craving dimsum so I treated myself to hakaw (a.k.a. crystal shrimp dumplings for $6.25) and minced pork congee with thousand year egg ($4.25). Pretty classic Cantonese brekkie food.

Just what a girl needs after a night of wine, martinis, PBRs, and another iPhone loss. Understandably, I was a bit sad this morning, but my fortune cookie made me crack a smile.

Can my fortune cookie recommend a dictionary too for ease of translation? If they're indeed books, then I guess I'm not up for any tough reads these days. Can someone send me the equivalent of a comic book? Just let the Kerouacs and Nietzsches gather dust in the bookshelf.

Before I sign off, dear readers, I'd like to remind you that there's a giveaway in progress! Two Sex and the City tour tickets that do not expire, so you can squirrel them away for whenever you're in New York.  You have until April 27 to enter the contest so please, please don't let those tickets go to waste! Leave a comment at this post for a chance to win!

China Fun is located at 1221 2nd Avenue (at E 64th Street), New York, NY. Tel. (212) 752-0810

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Kaye said...

Mayo slathered shrimp sounds like something I would absolutely love

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