Saturday, April 17, 2010

sex and the city tour giveaway!

Have you seen the extended trailer for Sex and the City 2? Those sneaky, sneaky writers. Just when I thought I was getting over my SATC addiction, they come and reel me back in with a blast from the past who's aging much better than the present ... if you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favor and take a look ...

Are you excited to watch it yet? Cos I sure am!

Fine, I'll admit it. One of the reasons why I chose New York, out of all the cities in the world, to live in is because I wanted to be Carrie. I wanted her life, from the brunches and sample sales to cosmopolitans and man mishaps. My New York life turned out to be quite different from hers but in some ways very much the same. I understand her love affair with the city itself because I too instantly fell in love with both its beauty and its madness the instant I stepped onto its grimy streets. So I thought it's fitting that the very first giveaway I'm ever doing on this blog is for two Sex and the City tour tickets with On Location Tours! This is the much written about tour that takes you to some of the most memorable SATC spots in the city—from the store where Charlotte became acquainted with the "Rabbit" to Steve and Aidan's bar "Scout". These gift certificates never expire so if you don't live in New York, you can save it for your next visit to the big bad city.

How to join the contest? Leave me a comment and tell me which Sex and the City location is most memorable to you. Please create a Blogger account if you don't already have one for ease of verifying the winner. I'll announce the lucky winner on April 27, 2010—one month before the new movie drops!

On Location Tours has also very kindly provided The Chiconomist readers with a 15% discount off any of their tours. Take your pick from Sex and the City, Gossip Girls, and the Sopranos, or do a Movie Classics or Central Park Walking tour. Just enter the code CHICONOMIST to get the discount. Click here to purchase a tour.

Can't wait to hear from you. One hand in the air for the big city!


essi_korhonen said...

I simply cannot wait to see SATC2!

I saw the first one in a cinema in New York on the week it was released, with my best friend who I’ve been friends with for 30 years. It was our final single girls’ trip and we were doing my friend’s first fitting for her wedding dress. As well as seeing the film, we visited the many of the SATC hot spots, including Soho House.

Fast forward 18 months and my best friend’s a mother of a 6 month old adorable little girl! So I’ve figured I’ll leave it to chance: if I win the tour tickets, I'll buy the two of us flight tickets to NY – she deserves it and I would love to go back again!

As for my favourite SATC location: it’s a toss between restaurant Tao or Soho House. Been to both, as a direct result of seeing them on the show… I think it’s Tao though. On my first ever trip to New York I had Xmas eve dinner at Tao, with my then boyfriend. Booked it well in advance, had some stunning mojitos at the bar, but nothing prepared for how awesome the dining experience ended up being! Décor was every bit as great as seen on tv, and of course had to be seated next to the huge Buddha and try the Kobe beef - it was definitely worth it! xx

j o y l e t said...

Carrie's stoop! I think it's the quintessential NY must-have for any girl who wants to fulfill her SATC real-life fantasy! or the Boathouse at Central Park.. memorable for that episode when they both fell off the lake--hilarious! I wonder how many takes it got to get that right. They showed bloopers pa after that episode.

Hoping to win this for my sister who has been studying for freakin' over 20 years-- she just became a doctor and will be heading to the big apple July for some well deserved R&R after step 2 of her test for Residency. She loves SATC !

Trina said...


my fave SATC location is Pastis where the girls have brunch. it's iconic and so SATC!

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