Saturday, April 10, 2010

today i'm loving: maria sharapova for cole haan

Saw this picture a few days ago when I was walking past the Fifth Avenue Cole Haan store. Maria Sharapova is seriously hot. What I would do for those legs! That tan! And oh ... those shoes!

The Maria Sharapova collection for Cole Haan is getting cuter and cuter! There are gladiator sandals, edgy cutout booties, chic ballet flats and sexy pumps, all spruced up with Nike Air technology to make them that much more comfy.

I'm extremely tempted to get the Air Gwaltney OT Pumps in gunmetal for the September trip to Ibiza. If Sharapova can squat and bake cookies in them, I can certainly dance my butt off in them all night long, yeah?

The only problem with these shoes is that they cost a pretty little penny at $198. Will have to stalk them until they go on sale.

I wish I'd been more committed in my quest last week for black ballet flats with good cushioning. Because of my recent running ambition, I'm trying to wear shoes that have more support. My pain management doctor says that my ankles are weak, so I really shouldn't eff with them even more. I was hoping to find some Cole Haan Nike Air flats when I went to Macy's in Jersey Shore last Sunday because I had some Christmas gift cards to spend. I didn't find any and ended up getting these Dolce Vita flats, which while gorgeous, are not the most comfortable flats ever. They kinda hurt actually. Even with gel inserts put in. Sadness.

Lesson learned. Stick to the game plan next time, Missy.


Kaye said...

My feet are always in pain after wearing heels for any extended period of time, so I'm excited to hear about the comfortable technology going into these cute shoes!

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

Yes! Now if only the prices would go down to something the common woman can afford :-(

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