Wednesday, April 14, 2010

spring cleaning

I've been getting these emails from Living Social, another website that works on giving large discounts by tapping en masse buying power. Today's deal is an interesting one, I think. If you're looking for some help with your spring cleaning, Living Social is offering a discounted cleaning session with Clarity Domestics for just $47—a pretty good deal, I think, since the usual going rate for a cleaning lady to tidy up a 1-bedroom in New York is about $75. For $47, you get a three hour cleaning session with Clarity Domestics using eco-friendly products to boot. This service is normally valued at $105. I browsed the Clarity Domestics website and they usually charge $69 and upwards to clean up a studio, and $139 and up for 1- to 2-bedrooms. Interesting deal for those looking for a helping hand with those dust bunnies accumulating under your bed (nothing they can do about the skeletons in your closet though, sorry). To sign up for this deal, click here.

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