Tuesday, February 08, 2011

hot coco fest at city bakery

I would like to take this moment to applaud the heroic efforts of Ms. Amy Plitt of Time Out New York, who risked waistline and muffin top to sample every single flavor on City Bakery's Hot Chocolate Festival calendar last year. With her selfless posts as a guide, I am gunning for darkest dark hot chocolate on the 10th and chili pepper hot chocolate on the 13th. Ms. Plitt was not a fan of the creamy stout hot coco due to its "bitterness" and "graininess." But since I was raised on bitter and grainy Filipino cacao and have been searching high and low for something similar, I'd like to give this one a shot. I swear, it has nothing to do with my incurable beer addiction.
Also highly intrigued by What Would Faulkner Drink? on the 22nd. I think I really need to know.

City Bakery is located at 3 West 18th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, New York, NY 10011.
Image via Time Out New York


Amanda Butler said...

Ms. Chiconomist, I'll have you know that City Bakery is literally 1/2 block from my office. So call or text me when you're planning to go and I'll see if I can run out and meet you!

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

Ms. Butler! I think you, me and Zoe MUST find out what Faulkner would sneak into his hot coco, don't you think? Should we set a Feb. 22 hot coco date (which may or may not be followed up with a Buttered Blackstrap Rum)

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