Friday, February 11, 2011

my mini parsons desk is home

After bouncing from one apartment to another four times in the span of two years, I had a severe case of commitment-phobia. Furniture commitment-phobia to be exact.

So it was a big step when I finally bought my first piece of real furniture a few weeks ago. I decided that I was tired of cranking out blogs and articles from my bed, and that I needed a proper workspace if I wanted to get serious about my writing. So I took the plunge and finally ordered the mini Parson's desk from West Elm that I've been in love with for years.

On Wednesday night after a draining 13-hour workday, I got home to find my beautiful desk waiting for me. Except, it wasn't quite so beautiful yet. It came in this massive rectangular box that I couldn't even lift. Our doorman had to hoist it on a trolley so that I could get it up to my apartment, and once there, I had to gingerly push it on to the floor, praying I wouldn't break anything. Getting the damn thing into the apartment was about all I could muster energy up for that day. I would leave the rest for another day.

See the thing is, my fabulous apartment has a not-always-fabulous feature that makes things like lugging furniture up to my room or getting to bed whilst drunk off my ass a bit ... challenging.
There's a wider service stairwell far more convenient for getting furniture to my room but it's a longer route so I decided to stick with the shorter (albeit more potentially disastrous) of the two. I realized I might be able to pull this off if I took the table pieces out of the packaging and carried them up one by one. Thank god this table doesn't have too many pieces! It was a little difficult carrying the table top up but I made it without breaking it in half or scratching the surface. I did lose a slipper on those treacherous stairs though.
Once all the pieces were in my room, it wasn't so bad. It's really easy to assemble and everything you need comes in the box. Instructions say you need two people to assemble but if a 100-pound miniature Asian can do it, so can you. 

Hoorah I've got a desk!
I was going to just grab an office chair in Ikea but got smitten by this chair that's a doppelganger of the Saarinen tulip chair. I love the Saarinen chair but it's way out of my league; even its miniature is more expensive than the doppelganger! So I ordered the aforementioned doppelganger and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I'm also waiting on this lovely little print that I intend to hang over my desk. Pretty soon I'll have a proper space to work in, and hopefully all the wonderful things in it will keep me inspired. Can't wait!


Tisha said...

All the editors at my office have a faux Tulip chair for guests. I've thought about bringing it home. Haha

Happy decorating!:)

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

Hahaha I won't tell! DO IT!

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