Thursday, February 03, 2011

today i'm loving: bus rolls

It may be because I've had to spend more time at home than I'd like due to the snow and ice pummeling New York every other day. Or it could be because I have my name on a lease again after several months of being a nomad. Whatever the reason, I've been obsessed with decorating this week. It started when I finally ordered the Parsons mini desk that I've been wanting forever. And then I finally got a "Keep Calm and Carry On" print to hang in my room. I'm going to need an intervention soon if I keep obsessing over Eames and Ghost chairs.

The upside of this recent obsession is that I've re-discovered Etsy and found some cool things (for you to enjoy and hopefully not for me to whip the credit card out for). My favorite find of the day: Bus Rolls. I love this set from Going Underground, which is perfect for citizens of the world:
I also quite like Transit Design's cute take on this style by tailoring it to a happy couple's significant spots. Isn't that just adorable?
Now to pry my fingers off the keyboard before I go mad ordering chevron-print throw pillows ...

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