Monday, February 07, 2011

theyskens' theory

Is it just me or were we already wearing the silhouettes seen in Theyskens' Theory circa 2003? Low-slung wide-legged pants that hugged the hipbone and almost completely obscured pointy-toed heels? Check. Capris worn with aforementioned pointy-toed heels? Check. Navel-baring tee? Oh those were the days when the only prep required for a bikini-clad weekend at the beach was maybe eating a spoonful less rice during dinner; when my belly seemed impervious to the beers I love to chug. Yup, an oh-so-wistful check there, too.

Olivier Theyskens, who previously made stunning clothes at both Nina Ricci and Rochas, described his Theory collection for T magazine's blog as clothes he would wear if he was a girl; his intention is clear with the line's seamless blend of masculine edginess and feminine sensuality. The clothes are definitely pieces I'd love to have in my closet but I somehow find myself wishing I'd held on to my pinstriped wide-legged pants and reliable flared jeans rather than have to cough up the dough for these. That's the problem with moving between three continents and numerous apartments since 2003 ... there are no fashion heirlooms in my closet. I'll have to cough up the cash and get some new flares and capris eventually, if this trend persists.

There's nothing quite like seeing trends that I wore the first time around crop up again to hammer in the realization that I'm no spring chicken anymore. I feel like my mom when I say things like, "Doc Martens are in again? Why I used to live in my 8-holed Docs when I was fourteen." *shudder*

Theyskens' Theory will be available at Net-a-porter starting next week.

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