Thursday, March 04, 2010

get your groupon: $45 for 4-week dance class + 4 dance socials

If I wasn't on a spending freeze, I would totally jump at today's Groupon deal: $45 for a four-week dance class and four dance socials at Dance With Me. I've been wanting to learn the Argentine Tango for years now but never took lessons. I was actually thinking of putting "Dance the Argentine tango in Buenos Aires" on my 30 Before 30 List but due to the lack of a dancing partner, I thought I'd save that for the 30 at 30 List that I'm almost positive I'll end up making!

As of 9:42 this morning, the deal is on with 100 people already. You have 6 hours to get your Groupon! You can only buy one for yourself but can buy multiples as gifts ... maybe for a potential dancing partner?

Have fun! 

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