Sunday, March 14, 2010

today i'm loving: sock theory

It's been raining and freezing all weekend, and all I've wanted to do is stay curled up under my duvet, all warm and cozy. That could be why I am just loving Sock Theory today and all the cozy, adorable socks they have for sale. The ones I ♥ the most are these zip-up over-the-knee socks. They're just $5! Shipping might be more expensive. Must stock up on about a dozen then?

How cute are these pencil socks? It would be such a giggle to wear these under my staid black boots at work.

I'm also just enamored with these Japanese arm/leg warmers. Only thing is, I don't quite know how to wear these with shoes! Scrunched up over Maryjanes?

Man that last picture has me pining for green grass and sunshine. Spring, hurry up already!

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