Tuesday, March 02, 2010

must you rub salt into my wounds, vogue?

As if I wasn't already mourning my failure to purchase a perfect-fitting military anorak in Japan, now Vogue had to pepper its March issue with military fashion AND have that be the theme of the latest Vogue Shop the Issue at Gilt Group. B!tches.

"So, where to start is simple. Three things. First, you are going to see the color khaki (and it’s many other names and incarnations) everywhere this season (starting in March Vogue’s “Military Issue” spread shot by Mario Testino) and, second, it’s going to be fashioned for function in the form of military jackets, cargo pants and dresses that can do the day-to-night double time. Third, we are about to make it easy to add a few key pieces to your closet—right now. 
Starting tonight, you can shop the “Military Issue” feature from our March issue—and everything that goes with it—with the Gilt Groupe."
To borrow a quote from my friend Amanda: Somebody call the waaaaahmbulance.

To sign up for Gilt Groupe and shop the darn military-infested March issue, click here.


Kaye said...

Doesn't that always happen? You have non-buyer's remorse, and then it haunts you for days

Celine said...

Oh my god you've coined the perfect phrase: non-buyer's remorse!!!!

It's been haunting me for months now. UGH :-(

japandme said...

Celine dear,
Thanks to your posts about anoraks... I finally found one, and bought one yesterday. You should come back to Japan soon. :D

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

Farah - hope you're enjoying yours! I definitely want to go back ASAP!

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