Monday, March 01, 2010

why i ever doubted military-style anoraks, i'll never know

This is reaching epic proportions. I seriously wanna whack myself on the head for not buying an anorak in Tokyo. These photos below taken by Jak and Jil's Tommy Ton for are making me want to implode with their fabulousness. Especially this first one. A military anorak and lace!!! I DIE, DIE, DIE.

And then there's this: anorak + fur fabulosity.

Seriously, there were so many fur-bedecked anoraks in Tokyo! Most of the time, over-thinking my purchases works pretty well for my bank account me. But on the rare occasion, it haunts me like this. *facepalm*

And now, a moment of silence to take in how Ms. Wintour deals with Winter.



Kaye said...

They look so warm and comfy :]

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

I know! My closet is hurting with envy.

feroshmomma said...

ahh, genius...the anorak+fur... worn by my current fave kate lanphear, elle us style director...oh so ferosh!!! absolutely love her!! keen fashion eye you have girl...thanks for posting her pic!!

Celine said...

feroshmomma - she is totally a style goddess!

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