Tuesday, March 09, 2010

thank you details

It's been awhile since I last obsessed about Robert Pattinson. I actually haven't touched the Twilight DVD in maybe half a year, and I didn't even cough up $14 to watch New Moon. I kinda forgot about him, really, while I went about with life. But when I saw this cover of Details magazine at a subway newsstand, it all came back full force. Sweet Jesus, he is one ridiculously good-looking kid. Though I'm still not coughing up the cash to watch his new flick, Remember Me.

Now, if you have nieces and daughters who are in love with Edward Cullen, I suggest you steer them clear of the Details shoot pictures. Quite risqué, definitely NSFW and styled to fascinate men, not teenage girls. The interview is actually a good read but I'm not posting the link here because I don't want my little sister clicking on it (I know you're old enough to know how to use Google, Katie, but DON'T DO IT). For all you adults out there, Google and read away.

Now to have sweet dreams of this bloody handsome fellow. Good night!


Joylet said...

I love you Edwaaard! Remember Me is showing here this week! I will watch... Hope it does not disappoint! I want to see him under normal circumstances naman

the chiconomist ♥ celine said...

Hahaha he's finally playing a mortal! Ugh I'm gonna skip it, ang mahal ng movies here! How I wish we could get "dibidis" here. Hahaha ... tell me how it is!

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