Sunday, March 07, 2010

today i'm loving: alice by temperley

I've long loved the exquisite clothes and accessories by Temperley but the prices are just too far out of my reach. Alice Temperley is a London-based, Central Saint Martins-trained designer who debuted her line back in 2000. Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightly are just some of her celebrity fans. Temperley's highly embellished creations cost a pretty little penny with dresses starting at about $895. To cash in on a younger, contemporary customer, Temperley has created a diffusion line called Alice by Temperley. While Temperley has a more feminine-vintage vibe, Alice by Temperley veers more towards a rock-and-roll meets vintage aesthetic.

I am seriously lusting over the red polka-dotted minidress and navy polka-dotted skirt from the collection but damnit, even the diffusion line's prices are out of my reach. The cheapest item in the collection (a jersey tee) ringing in at $95. Those with fatter pocketbooks might find these a bargain but I'm sadly not at that point yet.

I would love to have that entire outfit on the left to wear for a summer day at work that progresses into a night out in the city. And the red dress would just be lovely for a dressed-up Sunday brunch. A girl can dream right? 

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Kaye said...

That skirt is really adorable

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