Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are you there Topshop? It's me, Celine

It's really not nice to tempt me with a store in Soho that was supposed to open in the Fall and still hasn't opened by January. Especially since I've been waiting TWO years for a Topshop in New York to open. When I left Manila in 2006, I went panic-buying in Topshop.

I'm dying to try these things on:

Pleat sleeve coat by Boutique at Topshop $160

Self check jacket by Glory Days at Topshop $135

Double breasted blazer by Topshop $90


x dee said...

OMG, that dress! *thud*

And wait a sec, they have a topshop in the PI?! :(

The Chiconomist Celine said...

x dee - yes, the Philippines has had Topshop for yeeeeears. which is why it's so puzzling to me that the US doesn't! Oh I feel ya on that dress. I looooove :-)

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