Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not your mama's tights

I got my b-e-a-utiful Wolford Medaillon tights this week and I am thrilled, but it's been below freezing in NY and I refuse to let those beauties near my evil snaggy boots so they have not been worn. But I am super excited to wear them out so here's hoping temps rise soon!

My dear beloved Sonu was affected by all the Medaillon propaganda on my blog and started coveting them, but didn't want to part with that much cash for tights (Believe me, when I realized it cost $60 total, I didn't want to either but by that time I had already clicked my money away). So she asked if I'd found any other options. While browsing the Urban Outfitters site, I did find a couple of pairs with unique patterns that might interest Sonu and some other readers.

victorian vine tights for $14

pinstripe floral tights

Nothing compares to the intricacy of the design of the Medaillon tights, but if you want to wear interesting tights without holding your breath and praying to fend off snags all night, these are some unique but affordable options.


♥ Chloe said...


The Chiconomist Celine said...

you really do! you can order them off the wolford website. loveliness!

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