Wednesday, January 28, 2009

no tears. not for us.

Blockbuster has been messing with me. First I get a broken DVD of Love, Actually, then yesterday I got the original Thomas Crown Affair rather than the new version (starring Pierce) that I ordered. It was the right sleeve paired with the wrong DVD. I was pleasantly surprised by the second "mistake" though. In my mind, I imagine there's a movie junkie working at the Blockbuster distribution center who's on a mission to show clueless customers like moi what they're missing by not ordering the originals. This sneaky connoisseur could be swapping An Affair to Remember with Love Affair, and switching Infernal Affairs with The Departed.

I was enchanted by Faye Dunaway in this movie. Proof that you don't need to be super skinny with implants to be sexy. I wasn't too keen on the super mod dresses or the elaborate hairstyles, but was blown away by how elegant she looked in every scene. Such a beautiful woman.

Steve McQueen was so dapper in the movie too. I especially love the look of the bank robbers. Suits, sunglasses, and those hats! Very cool.

I love this still from the movie, which has such a la dolce vita feel.
And I love the coat that Faye Dunaway's wearing in this scene:
Thanks for the gift of the unexpected, Blockbuster. You got away with it this time.

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