Thursday, January 08, 2009


I love seeing long, dainty necklaces piled on top of each other, and I'd really like to build up my collection. Daily Candy turned me on to some very cool ones.

Back when Carrie Bradshaw was still prancing about wearing her "Carrie" necklace, my aunt gave me a beautiful "Celine" version jazzed up with a few diamonds. I still have it and wear it occasionally. It's nice having something that's yours and yours alone. In the same vein, I'm quite liking these monogram pendants that you can order through Max & Chloe:

Monogrammed locket in silver by Zoe Chicco ($176)

Monogrammed pendant in yellow gold by Brian Danielle

I am also smitten with these necklaces by Demitasse. According to the website, Demitasse is "French for half-cup and an emblem of privilege." I just love how designer Rachael White takes all these old-fashioned designs to create pendants that are truly unique. They cost a pretty penny, however, since they are crafted out of sterling silver or white, rose and yellow gold and studded with real diamonds and precious stones. Not in my budget right now, but it's nice to dream!

The Orchid Sugar Sifter by Demitasse (starts at $225)

The Fairy Absinthe Spoon by Demitasse (starts at $165)

The Dessert Spoon by Demitasse (starts at $1,500)


cd said...

You've got to check out Anthropologie! They have these vintage-y alphabet necklaces which you can layer, about $38 lang each!

I'm tempted but I can still hold back pa naman, heehee!

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Tin, I saw those and they are cute! But I'm starting to feel like I should only get necklaces that are at least gold plated because I hate it when cheapo necklaces fade and get kinda dark and yuck, y'know what I mean?

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Ok scratch that comment, the Anthropologie ones ARE gold-plated! Hmmmmm .... I'm getting tempted now too! $35 aint bad at all!

RubyG said...

I want the monogrammed locket!!! So lovely!!!

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