Wednesday, June 24, 2009

american psycho

I watched this movie last night, and found myself simultaneously horrified and doubling over with laughter. It's so overdone it's perfect. Don't you think that Patrick Bateman is just the original metrosexual? He wears ice packs when he does crunches, has a penchant for Valentino suits, uses scrubs and exfoliants in the shower, and gets panic attacks over businesscard type and dinner reservations. Love it!

The men are so well dressed in this movie. I'm all about French cuffs and suspenders. The women though were just a hot 80s mess (It is set in the 80s so that's the point, I know). But I mean seriously, check out Reese Witherspoon getting swallowed up in her fur, and Samantha Mathis with those linebacker shoulders. Eeeks.

Chloe Sevigny did good in this scene though. Love that dress. I wanna look that fat-free. I've always thought about how I've never seen Chloe Sevigny in anthing, but I guess I have after all. She looks good.
Ok, moving along with my life ...

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