Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ikea delivery alternative

I remember reading about Ikea Delivery Alternative on Time Out New York awhile back and filed it in my memory for future use. When I realized that nobody I knew was willing to lug an Ikea wardrobe up my walkup, Ludette reminded me of this NY service. Their titanium package was exactly what I needed since I didn't want to take any more days off for apartment issues. For $110, Eric will go to Ikea, do your shopping for you, and deliver at a time and date you specify. (If $110 sounds expensive to you, this is actually exactly how much Ikea charges for 1-week delivery.) Packages start at $80, but the idea of not even having to go to Red Hook was just too tempting for me. And get this: for an extra $30 per hour, Eric can even build the furniture for you! Beat that, Ikea!

It took us awhile to work out the scheduling because things kept changing on my end, but once we eventually found a common date it was all smooth. Eric has become such an expert that last night he sent me an email telling me that the Ramberg wardrobe I wanted is not actually available even if it says there's one piece on the website. The Ramberg series had apparently been discontinued, so what wardrobe did I want instead? Awesome. When he delivered, he was relatively on time and boy was he quick. I was stunned at how fast one man hauled up all those massive boxes that individually weighed more than he did up my one floor walkup.

Definitely worth every buck.

Now, on to other problems:
a) How do I build that wardrobe? (Eric can't do it until July 18. Hint hint Linda ... heehee)
b) What do I put on my Ikea Stockholm coffee table (just $179!)? It's pretty massive and I don't know what to do with it. Right now I have two books, a votive candle holder and a glass of OJ on it. Need design help please!


joylet said...

is this the sneak peek pic of the apartment? love the coffee table!

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Haha not quite. That pic is from Ikea. No sneak pics of the apartment yet, it is a crazy mess still!

LindaC said...

hint noted! will be there before 7/18 LOL

The Chiconomist Celine said...

Love you Linda!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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