Sunday, June 14, 2009

forever 21 lovin'

Whoever Forever 21's jewelry buyer is, I love you. Seriously. You gotta love someone who can get amazing accessories in your hands for under ten bucks. Yesterday, I snapped up these really pretty pink chandelier earrings for just $6.50. Today I browsed the F21 site and saw it came in a bunch of other colors. I want them all!

The thing is, though, they're a bit heavy. These other cuties might be preferable.

Also loving these pairs in turquoise and green, and they're just $4.80! What's not to love?

One last thing that I love, and then I'll shut up:

Totally looks like something you could've scored on the streets of Mexico, but really just got in Union Square. So many cute earrings, so few earlobes ...

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