Monday, June 22, 2009


When the rain let up a little yesterday, I decided to take advantage and run down to Soho to look at stuff for the apartment. My main goal was to buy a collapsible colander/steamer, magnetic measuring spoons and magnetic measuring cups from Crate & Barrel, which I accomplished (love them all, by the way). But I thought I'd explore some of my other favorite stores in the area like Muji, CB2 and Pearl River. At Pearl River, I found these awesome lanterns:

Aren't they just gorgeous? Unfortunately, they're not as wallet-friendly as, say, those ubiquitous paper lanterns which sell for less than $20. That beauty on top was $350, and the cute spherical one at the bottom is about $150, if I remember right. I tried, in vain, to Google wood lanterns but found nothing remotely close to these. If anyone has any tips on cheaper alternatives, please drop me a line before I buckle down and buy one!

Where: Pearl River is located at 477 Broadway between Grand and Broom, NYC.

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