Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am beyond horrified with myself today. I woke up with a hangover again after another night of drinking post Bikram class. I think it's a deadly combination for me, doing Bikram and then having a drink. My blood stream is so clean and I feel pretty tired after Bikram, so 3 glasses of wine hits me like I drank 2 bottles.

But that's not why I'm horrified with myself. The thing is, I had planned my outfit for the day in advance so I was kind of on autopilot this morning. I put on my tan leopard-print dress, a fuschia cardigan, brown belt, and gold wedges without really thinking. My mind was more on what I was going to have for breakfast. So I walked 11 blocks to work before I realized ... I was carrying a black bag!!!! UGH. Talk about ruining a good thing.

What I wish I was wearing today:



humble happenings said...

haha the suspense was killing me, I totally thought you were gonna say that there was a big stain on your dress or your heel broke and you had to wear some drugstore flip flops the rest of the day or something. you're silly!

also, leopard + fuschia = blows my mind, I didn't think of this before.

The Chiconomist Celine said...

oooh but it's so annoying to wear a cute outfit and have it ruined by thoughtlessly bringing the wrong bag! AAAAARGH. but glad you like the leopard + fuschia thing! try it!

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